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From 1994 to 1998 Doug Davidson and Bruce Hunt campaigned their ITA Honda CRX Si in the SCCA ECR Endurance Series, racing one - six hour endurance races at tracks throughout the Southeast, from Homestead to Rockingham. Despite a shoe-string budget they managed to finish consistently in the top 5, often in an ITA field of thirty or more. They had numerous 3rd place finishes, one 2nd place finish, and two 3rd in season points years, but that 1st place trophy somehow eluded them. 

Following their Honda CRX stint, Doug and Bruce sat out of competitive racing for eight years, but the itch was too strong and in 2006 they reacquired their racing licenses and started Cool Parts Racing. It proved a challenging return. In May 2007 at Moroso their IT7 Mazda RX7 got terminally sandwiched between a Spec Miata and another RX7.

In August 2007 they added a 1994 Spec Miata to the stable, which they upgraded to their old class, ITA, for the 2008 season. In September 2008 they scored their very first 1st place finish at the Sebring Labor Day 1.5-Hour Endurance race. A month later they scored their second 1st place trophy, again at Sebring, this time in a sprint race.

In 2009 they scored several more 1st and 2nd place finishes, and Doug broke the Sebring Club Course ITA track record! 2010 shaped up as another great season with three 2nd place finishes and a 1st place - again at the Sebring Labor Day 1.5 hour Endurance race, and 1st place in season points for the short-lived Central Florida Endurance Racing Series.

For 2011 they finished with their best season yet--three wins, all at different tracks: Homestead, Sebring, and Palm Beach International. For 2013 they tried something new: co-driving the ChumpCar 14-Hour Enduro at Sebring, with
No Mo Money Racing, finishing 22nd out of 100 entries. And at the 2014 Daytona ChumpCar 14-Hour, Bruce co-drove to a 15th place (out of 120 entries) finish.

In 2014 they scored two wins and two 2nd place finishes in SCCA races, and Bruce co-drove to a 6th place overall finish in the ChumpCar 24 - Hour New Years Enduro at Homestead.

In 2015 we only did two races but they were both wins--finally a win at Daytona, plus a win at Sebring! And then there's the less fun side of racing: